Enfield Project Report

A significant screening, attenuation and rolling dynamic compaction exercise on a London site enable the construction of a new industrial facility.


DGS was contracted to design and construct a permanent works solution for a new industrial facility in Enfield, London. 

The works included a major crushing and screening operation, installation of attenuation, rolling dynamic compaction, verification and installing GPS super-structure ready foundations.


DGS’ works began in August 2017 with a 7500mscreening and subsequent crushing exercise.    The substantial level cut required saw material screened into single size aggregate material to lower costs. 

After attenuation installation, rolling dynamic compaction was used to achieve  required CBR results.    GPS set footings, pads and bolts were then installed.

Finally, recovered aggregate type 1 material was then laid out to form a temporary works platform for the remainder of the project.