We specialise in tackling the most problematic sites in the UK.

The DGS team are global leaders in remediating even the most complex sites and our compliance unit are experts in delivering value engineered solutions to regulatory problems.

Polluted sites, where managed badly, can see contractors costs “balloon”.  Our experience-led approach will prioritise a cost-efficient and risk-appraised solution while guaranteeing regulatory compliance. It’s this approach that draw our return-clients to DGS again and again for land remedial solutions and works.

Dr Carol Butler BSc PGDip DPhil

Head of Remediation and Environmental Regulation

Dr Butler has 17 years of experience in risk and liability management and consultancy within the contaminated land sector including COMAH and COSHH-SHE.  Dr Butler has designed remediatory schemes for some of the UK’s most high profile construction projects. As well as providing bespoke remediatory packages for our clients, Dr Butler manages our interactions with the Environment Agency and coordinates our regulatory compliance.

What We Provide

Remediation Contracting

We minimise real costs and impact on programme through adopting best suited techniques for your site. Our remediation contracting services provide:

• Detailed Site assessment and characterisation.

• Design and implemention of a cost effective solution.

• Senior level of expertise within project teams.

• Competent project management of all specialist subcontract remediation services.

• Assured delivery to the client’s programme risks and constraints.

• Project warranties.

Soil Treatment Services

Our continuous soil treatmemt services  design options for :

• Geotechnical stabilisation.

• Chemical stabilisation.

• Bioremediation.

Groundwater Treatment

Our groundwater management services  design and deliver:

• In-situ groundwater, surface water & leachate treatment(s).

• Ex-situ options including pump and treat solutions.

• Efficient dewatering project management schemes.

• Deliverables that meet project timelines and regulator approval.

Asbestos Management

Our asbestos management services deliver:

  • Development of asbestos materials management plan in line with your programme and in compliance with Regulation 10 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.
  • Asbestos waste characterisation and disposal.
  • Undertake non licensed works with asbestos, where appropriate.
Waste Exemptions and Licenses

Our team are experts in securing environmental licenses and exemptions.  Approvals we can secure include:

  • Cl:AIRE Materials Management Plans.
  • T5/T7 crushing and screening licenses.
  • U1 licenses to reuse waste as a construction material.
  • Discharge licenses.
Compliance Consultancy

Our consultancy management prioritises:

  • Timely engagement with regulators to discharge planning conditions.
  • Development of cost effective remediation strategies.
  • Pragmatic risk-appraised site waste and material management plans in line with your programme.
  • Site-based Validation and Verification Reporting (in view of CL:AIRE DoW CoP).
  • Sustainable and cost-effective options in site remediation contracting works including pre-treatment, onsite reuse and disposal options under record- keeping.

Our Auditing Process

All our major remediation services – under the DoW CoP (CL:AIRE) Declaration – are independently audited by global consultants WSP.  This process, which sees each document verified by a WSP Associate Director, gives our clients even greater assurance that they’re complying with relevant regulation.