Rapid Impact Compaction

The warranted, cost effective alternative to piling. 

Compacting up to 9m, RIC can do away with the need for costly and time-taking piled solutions.

Rapid Impact Compaction (“RIC”) is a quick and reliable form of soil compaction improvement.  DGS developed the RIC-9000  specifically for multi-purpose foundation work.  Using a 9T pile hammer to deliver 40-60 blows per minute, the 1.5m diameter compaction foot  compacts ‘plugs’ of dense material that possess improved engineered properties.  We use the technique as an alternative to both vibro-pile or piling solutions.  RIC is used as part of our patented Stabilisation and Dynamic Compaction Hybrid Solution or as a standalone technique.

The process is an effective, affordable treatment that is proven to compact soils at depths of up to 9m.1 DGS use RIC in areas with significant depths of poor ground to enhance the properties and allow the use of ground bearing slabs and pad foundations.  RIC can also be used to energise stone columns, where used, to further improve competent stiffness.2  The use of RIC can significantly reduce ground levels on sites and can save on the offsiting of materials to tips. 

The Geological Society has recognised the environmental and safety advantages RIC offers – particularly in urban areas3 , however, as with precast piling, the allowable noise levels have to be considered on a site by site basis. We work hard with clients to develop strategies to use the technology as a considerate contractor. 

DGS are currently the UK’s only provider of Rapid Impact Compaction. The use of RIC and stabilisation is an innovative technology for foundation design and construction, one that we’re passionate about and we are happy to discuss its uses and feasibility with engineers at the early stages of project development.  For more information please get in touch.

1. Kristiansen H. & Davies M., Ground Improvement using Rapid Impact Compaction, 13th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering (Vancouver, 2004, No. 496).

2. Synac, O. & Serridge C., Application of the Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC) technique for risk mitigation in problematic soils, The Geological Society of London (IAEG, 2006, No. 294).

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Our Equipment

BSP RIC 9000

As Europe’s only provider of Rapid Impact Compaction we deploy the larger 9000 unit which delivers compaction up to 9m in depth.

Liebherr 946 Litronic

The 299HP, 46t base unit features complete surround cameras and a wealth of assistance technology. The unit guarantees reliability and safety on site.

Adam Smith – RIC Lead Operator

“Kit doesn’t get more specialised than the RIC unit –  so everything we do is about keeping compaction speeds up.  We hit more pads a day than any other crew on the planet.”


Cab view

RIC is a technical process.    Our integrated systems give our operator the accurate, real-time information necessary to execute the process with precision.  The process is GPS-aided and digitally parameter-controlled.  The result of these technological investments are that clients know the right process has occured in the right place.  Taking safety seriously, we provide 360º cameras, displayed in the cab.